does not name a type

I'm trying to get the Weather Station Receiver from - This website is for sale! - practicalarduino Resources and Information. up and running.

Arduino Duemilanove Atmega 328
433 MHz receiver shield from Freetronics
Windows Vista with Arduino 1.0.5 IDE

I´m logged on as admin and the have put the appropriate library in C:\Users\Administrator.Ian-Büro\Documents\Arduino\libraries is a correctly named folder.

Why I try and compile I get the following error message:

uint´does not name a type

Can anybody help?



What kind of programming language are you used to ?
Use 'unsigned' or 'unsigned int'.

or one of the uint16_t, uint8_t, uint32_t.

That sketch is joined by a header file WeatherStationReceiver.h which seems to be missing in your setup because there uint is defined.

Is there an answer to this one? Not uint8_t as found it several threads, but just uint.
It compiles on my desktop with 1.8.9 but not on my laptop with 1.8.10.