does optiboot bootloader work with adruino nano

currently as defined in boards.txt, the arduino nano is not using the optiboot bootloader.

my question is, can I replace the bootloader on the nano with the optiboot bootloader? if yes, my next question is, will the 2 extra pins (A6 and A7) be usable with optiboot bootloader? The whole point I am using the nano is to get that two extra pins but I need the 1.5kb extra program space as well.

thanks Jerry

ok, the optiboot bootloader page says

Compatible with 168 and 328 Arduinos including Lilypad, Pro, Nano

and the A6 and A7 are defined in pins_arduino.h so I suppose they should work as it appears to be independent of the bootloader. I could not find anyone posting that this was successfully done. and I can't tell for sure if Bill Westfield's optiloader program will burn the optiboot bootloader onto a nano.

Its just a '328P chip, yes? So it will be recognized as such and programmed the same.
pins_arduino.h is independent of the bootloader and is brought in when your sketch compiles.
The bootloader is just providing a means for the serial port to talk to the PC.

ok, it does look like the 32pin smt 328p chip has the same signature as the 28pin dip (I did not see any distinction in the datasheet), even though the smt has 4 extra pins. I think that they would have different signatures. And since Bill Westfield’s optiloader only goes by the signature, then it should be able to burn the optiboot bootloader into a nano.


Yes, same die, few connections not made in the DIP - analog input only ports A6, A7, and one each power & gnd. power/gnd likely connected to the leads internally.