does PulseIn block external Interrupts ?


I'd love to use the PulseIn() function to read the PWM signals from an RC receiver because of it's simplicity, rather than using an Interrupt to time the mircos() between HIGHs and LOWs.

I read somewhere that PulseIn() blocks the loop() while it is waiting for HIGH/LOW.

my question:
Does PulseIn() block EVERYTHING? or will an interrupt (pin2, hall sensor to measure engine rpm) correctly be recognized and counted ?

thanks in advance,

Interrupts take higher priority over "normal" program instructions. That is the whole idea behind interrupts - it interrupts the program to quickly do something else and then get back to the program.

So, yes, even with blocking loops and functions, interrupts will still be serviced at all times. All loops and functions can be interrupted. You can even interrupt an interrupt of lower priority!