Does SD card need choosing???

I think that every SD card is the same ,but when I come the forum ,I was wondering ,is there anything need to choose one?? that 's is to say SDcard can be valued not only by the storage ,but anything else?? I ordered it yesterday,tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I can receive it.I just wanna know whether I made the right choice~~ If so ,someone could tell me how about this kind of SD card? God,pray it'll not let me down ~~

I think that every SD card is the same

No they are not. The differ in access speed and also in what file formats they will support, as well as how fussy they are to the rise time on the interfacing signal lines. Some of the smaller ones will not work with arduino.
However, from what I can gather there is no way of knowing in advance if you will have trouble with any specific one.

Read this to help you decide.,65558.0.html