Does SMT herald the end of through hole components?

How far away are we from hobbyists not being able to buy through hole components?

Hopefully quite some time away, but i don't mind if prices for smd parts like LEDs become cheaper than 3mm / 5mm, resistors and capacitors (smt) are cheaper though and when we all switch, the cheaper components further still...

What conerns me is getting protoboards to fit sop and other sm components, i'm all for switching easy to replace a sm resistor hole through is a little trickier.

I don't buy through-hole anymore. I prefer working with surface mount for my hobby projects.

Once you learn some simple techniques for soldering, I actually find SMT soldering far faster than through-hole. No flipping a board back and forth or fiddling with components that fall out while trying to solder.

A couple of breakout boards in various footprints makes prototyping a simple process.