Does someone have the code for getting the ESP32 cam to stream to an RTMP link like an ip camera (not RTSP)

basically i want the code to livestream my IP camera to YT like how commercial ones do.

Who doesn't want code? Who develops those codes?
You could do it and give it away to the broad masses.

i wish i could do it but where is a good starting point for me to learn? I got no clue on how to do it.

Start with a search engine, Startpage search for "esp32 cam rtmp" yields several results and some have code.

tried that and didnt get anything. could you post it here if you find anything respectable?

I have not tried this as my ESP32-CAM is packed away somewhere but this seems to be a very comprehensive write-up on how to do it and someone has also done a (not so good) YouTube video

thanks, will look into it. Any other resources?

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