Does the Arduino Robot have RX and TX pins?

Hello everyone,

I'm thinking about buying an Arduino Robot and i already have one Arduino uno. My plan was to make a controller for the Arduino robot with the following module:

HC-05 Bluetooth master/slave module

For this module, both arduino's need RX and TX pins but i'm not sure if the Arduino Robot have those pins. Does anyone can give me the answer? And if the robot don't have those pins, how can i do it else?

Thanks everyone for you help! Martijn

TX and RX is known as Serial Communication. Towards the bottom of this page, you can see that the arduino robot does support serial communication. This page also shows you which pins are TX and RX on the robot.

Hoi Martijn, en alsnog welkom.

There's a page like that for any official Arduino product. You can find those by clicking the Arduino button that drops down while pointing Products on the top bar on this site.