does the Arduino USB v2.0 Have PWM

hey guys, i wanted to intergrate a Arduino into a PCB rather than using a shield, the types of parts it has make it easy to assemble

Its just passed halfway on this page

does it have PWM?

if i used a more modern chip would i be able to use PWM?

if it no to both should i use a TLC5940?

PWM is a function of the processor firmware not the physical board. So yes it does have PWM.

awesome thank you, wouls any Mega chip that is used in Aurdino’s be compatible? or can i only use the Mega 8.

im guessing that the PWM pins would be the same.

Any Mega chip has the same basic components. However some chips have more components than others. So in the Arduino Mega there are 24 PWM outputs. As to the pin numbers that depends on how they are mapped in the firmware definition files, these then to be built up as a super set of previous, lesser endowed processors.

do you mean the SMD type MCs? i won’t be using those. if i was to use another PDIP one?

The mega8 has 3 PWMs. The mega168 and 328 have 6.

ok thanks