Does the Arduino Yun have High Speed Output Counter pulse?

I just got my new ArduinoYun last week which I bough solely for programming Servo Motor Applications used for our pick and place and assembling machines modules.

For positioning these servo motors the driver must received a High Speed Output which can be either from a discrete digital output point on a PLC or a microcontroller. These High Speed pulse counts must be in the range of 30KHz up to 500KHz.

The other parameters like Speed, Acceleration and Deceleration are fixed inside the driver and can only be modified with its own custom software.

You might want to take a look at this video explaining how it works:

I will like to be able to control these incremental positioning targets using the Arduino Yun’s own digitalWrite Outputs but I’m not sure if this 30KHz minimum will be acceptable for the Yun? Can I do this or do I need to purchase additional hardware to do it? Which instruction would you used, would the Tone instruction help on this?

Answer is No.

MCU site of Yun is same as Arduino Leonardo, and it can't output between 30KHz and 500KHz.

CPU site of Yun , all the GPIO pins are masked.

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