Does the DAC run independantly?


the datasheet states that the DAC needs 25 Cycles to convert a value to a voltage. I was wondering if the DAC does that independantly and the microcontroller can do other tasks in the meantime? Or does the uC need to finish the conversion before doing other things?

which Arduino and how do you read the DAC?

Arduino Due and I don't know what you mean by 'read the DAC'
I read the voltage on the pin with a multimeter.
And I write to the DAC by: DACC->DACC_CDR = (uint32_t) myValue;

sorry read the question wrong, I had ADC in mind.

I believe it's handled in the background for you

The Arduino function waits until every command sent to the DAC is done with a
while (DAC->STATUS.bit.SYNCBUSY == 1) ;
They do that also after setting the value so wait for the conversion to be complete that's why it's "slow".

yes it does.

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