does the FPM10A Optical Fingerprint Sensor work with the DUE?

Hi, question as in the title. In the specifics it says

" Supply voltage: DC 3.6 ~ 6.0V / 3.3V Supplying
Supply Current: Current: <120mA "

so I assume it does, but it doesn’t mention the DUE specifically. So I just want to make sure

item in quesiton:


FPM 10A datasheet is unclear, however in all tutorials with this sensor, RX and TX are directly connected to digital pins of a UNO. Therefore, IMO it’s cautious to connect this sensor to arduino DUE thru logic level shifters (5V <-> 3.3V).

ok, thanks. As long as noone else here on the forum has used it successfully without with the DUE I'll order some. Would something like this be ok:

or what would you recommend?


These converters seem OK.

If you already have the FPM 10A, you can test the output voltage for RX/TX.

not yet. That’s why I asked. Couldn’t find a sensor specifically designed for the DUE. I guess I’m going to order it and the LLC and just see what happens :slight_smile: