Does the wire library have an address limitation?

I have a pair of Arduinos communicating over the I2C protocol. In anticipation of eventually having multiple I2C devices attached, I run a loop in setup that takes every 8th address and tests to see if there is anyone avaliable at that address. I have my slave address set to 0xf0. When I go through the loop I get multiple hits. Sample output

Found at 70 count =3

A7 F0 0

Found at F0 count =3

A8 F0 0

Found at 170 count =3

A9 F0 0

Found at 1F0 count =3

AA F0 0

Found at 270 count =3

AB F0 0

Found at 2F0 count =3

AC F0 0

Found at 370 count =3

AD F0 0

Found at 3F0 count =3

AE F0 0

Any idea what's going on? Slave does a Wire.begin(0xf0) and then responds to the master from a Wire.onRequest(requestEvent);

Thanks, Jim.

I just answered my own question. In the twi.c file I see:

  • Input address: 7bit i2c device address