Does this 14pin ribbon LCD connect same as 1602?


I got this LCD: FH6-0635 MEDMMPU3W2F 8.9".

It's a graphical monochrome LCD, has a 14pin-ffc-ribbon connector (salvaged from an old Canon copier) and would like to run it through Arduino UNO!
I'm not sure if it has a controller built-in but it has 3 horizontal and 4 vertical drivers and a couple of small IC-s attached. There is also an extra 2pin connector for high-voltage backlight.

Since I only saw 14pin connections on those character LCD-s (1602, 2004, etc).. thought maybe it can be hooked the same way to Arduino! I couldn't find a data sheet using the model number though, so I was hesitant to experiment with it to avoid messing things up!

Sorry I'm quite new to this, I did a lot of research but couldn't find anything related to this kind of thing!
Would appreciate any help. Thank you!

Image of the LCD (not my picture, but the same one): FH6-0635

This display has nothing whatsoever to do with a "1602" character display.

No! It is a Cannon part. Model: FH6-0635 Description: Canon FH6-0635 MEDMMPU3W2F 8.9" LCD Display Panel. You might be able to go to the Cannon Website and get the data you need. Currently they sell for $56.00 on eBay. The easiest thing is to use the 16X02 or the 16X04 or other displays connect to the Arduino with appropriate libraries. I see no reason the Arduino cannot drive this display but I do not have a clue as to how to connect it.


This display has nothing whatsoever to do with a "1602" character display.

Well, since raw LCD-s have of tons of pins on ribbons, and this one has only 14, thought it has a controller similar to those and may be easy to connect ::slight_smile: ... (don't mind the blue ribbons, they're for the touch screen)

Never that simple! :astonished:

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