Does this components all work together at the same time with an Arduino Mega?


I’m new at arduino, but experienced with built up electronic stuff and fast at learning programming languages.

Now, I plan a big project with the Arduino Mega, who should switch many different things for a big stage performance. I want to connect these things altogether with my Mega:

  • Adafruit Shield (16 Servos)
  • Shift out registers to switch many relais
  • Shift in registers to connect a bunch of buttons
  • DMXsimple for controlling Stage Spots
  • H-Bridge L293D for controlling a Motor
  • 3 Hall sensors
  • Shift PWM (a la Elco Jacobs) fo controlling many RGB LEDs
  • Keypad Matrix 3x4
  • Sainsmart LCD Shield with LCD Screen and sd card reader

Can anybody (experienced in Arduino things) tell me, if this would all work harmless together - or is there a problem because auf timers, interrupts, using same SPI etc.?

I’ve counted the PINS, I have enough, there is no problem.

But I wonder, if there could be a timer, interrupt, SPI or I2C issue, if I use all these components at the same time connected to my Arduino Mega.

You may see trouble ahead when several shields is used simultaniously, as they tend to spesific pins.

Find documentation for every unit.. and sample code.
Usually no problem that several units share a bus; They have unic addess or a CS-line