Does this Magnet Qualifies usage with HALL SENSOR ?


I broke a speaker and took out this magnet out of it.

Its a magnet, hall sensors detect magnetic field, what's the issue?

the issue is that my unipolar hall sensor isn't picking up that south pole so not getting activated.

Are you sure its not overloaded with south pole and never switching off? Those ferrite magnets are plenty strong enough, it most likely to be too much field than too little.

Ok if you say that its too much field then in such a case its a good news as i can mount the magnet far away from Hall.

WHat you say should i use the OMNIPOLAR its working as of now, i just need a interrupt striking CHANGE when magnet comes by or there may be some problem

I have been looking at hall sensors and it seems there are latching and non-latching types. If you got yours from sparkfun they only have the latching type. This means that once they see a magnetic field they turn on. They stay on until they see the opposite polarity of that field. So with a round magnet it might be difficult to show it only one polarity at a time. I would get a bar magnet from your local hardware store and see if that will work. Some magnet that you know where north and south is.

The ones which are latching are known as OMNIPOLAR there is not problem in using them as i have made use of them and worked with them by using interrupts , if you use interrupt with CHANGE as one parameter then the interrupt fires in case of change in the condition of pin and that change happens every time the magnet field is sensed so it also very well does the job till now.