Does this sensor read at a point in space.

I’m looking to use this sensor to read the height of an object moving underneath the sensor. Height of object will be the difference in measurement but I’m concerned about the area of the object that needs to be measured. I need to measure a point on the object about 10 mm square. The object could be up to 500 mm wide with heights varying between o and 160 mm. I need the sensor to read the height of a point on the object directly beneath the sensor. Will this sensor work.

Distances are OK for the sensor.

Whether it works with your specific object depends on the size and shape of the object, the material it's made out of, and for all IR sensors how much IR there is in the environment.

So: try it out!

Does the sensor read a point or a broad area.

See data sheet for details on how it works exactly.

After that, experiment with your specific setup.