Does this Ultracap Balancer work?


I was searching for ultracapcitor balancing modules and I came across this simple circuit. Does it actually balance the ultracapacitor charge in series?

Capacitors are 2.7V and Diode is 1N914 and LED is yellow (probably 20mA)

Yes because the diodes limit the voltage per stage. Added advantage is you can see any imbalance
currents as an LED will glow.

If you apply too large a total voltage, or too fast a change in voltage, the diodes/LEDs will burnout.

The fast change is only an issue if the capacitances are not well balanced between the devices, such that
the balancing currents exceed the limits of the diode/LEDs. In particular fast discharge could
reverse-charge weaker caps and the circuit cannot protect against that unless you add more backwards diodes.