Does this USB Host Shield support the latest Android technology?

Hello. I have an Arduino Uno 3, and I want to use it to make a dock for my Galaxy S3. From my knowledge, the ADK used for this is basically just an Arduino that has a built-in USB Host shield. Thus I decided to simply look for one of those so I can turn my uno 3 into an ADK. I came across this: , but I don't know if this board is compatible with ADK 2012 en AOA protocol 2.0. Can anyone tell whether or not it is? If not, can anyone help me get one that is compatible? I would prefer to get it fast, so I would prefer not to buy on ebay.

An ADK is basically an Arduino MEGA2560 with a USB host shield, not an UNO. There is a difference in the available RAM (UNO: 2kB, MEGA2560: 8kB) as well as in the storage size available for your sketches (UNO: ~30kB, MEGA2560: ~250kB). So trying to do the same stuff with an UNO might get you into troubles because most of the other programmers doing something similar are using hardware with more resources.

The USB host shield you linked to is using the same chip as the ADK, so software written for the ADK should work with this shield too.