Does timer2 uses PWM on Pin 5 on ATMega328?

That's a quick question in the topic, however if more info needed here's a background story :slight_smile:
I'm building RGB controller with Audio and remote based on Arduino (ATmega328). I need 3 PWM pins to control LED brightness, however I'm finding difficulty finding 3rd available PWM because I'm also using WaveHC and IRRemote libraries.
I know that PWM is available pins 3,5,6,9, 10 and 11. D11 is used by SPI. PWM on D9 is used by WaveHC library's timer1
I only have pins 3, 5 and 6 available to me however I found that PWM on Pin5 doesn't work when I use IRRemote library, as soon as I enable it LED connected to PIN5 stops fading. I believe this library uses timer2. Does timer2 somehow affects PWM on PIN5?
I actually found code in the library where it looks like I can change which PWM pin I use but modifying it has no affect which leads me to believe that timer2 is hardwired to PWM on pin 5. Can someone confirm that it's the case ? If so I'll have to cut some traces and free up only remaining PWM pin (D10).
Also if someone suggest softPWM library, I have already tried it. It conflicts with IRRemote because both use timer2. And there are no more timers left for me on ATMega328 :frowning:

Pin 5 is Timer0 OCR-B so, no, no Timer2 involved.

Pin 5 is Timer0 OCR-B so, no, no Timer2 involved.

Thanks! There goes my theory :slight_smile: Gotta keep digging the library, maybe it's defined somewhere else...