Doesn't Work and don't know what the error code is telling me

Hi and excuse my ineptness, but... bought a new Arduino starter kit, and using "Exploring Arduino" as a guide think that I downloaded the windows software correctly. An Arduino Shortcut appears on the Win XP screen, which brings up the IDE screen to initiate a program with the board. I loaded the 'Blink' example program, it compiled. The Arduino was blinking at a rate of about a flash per second from the time that it was first plugged in. I 'loaded' the program; the program seemed to load then an error code appeared stating "aurdude: stk500-get sync(): bit ub sync: reso-0x30". I searched here for an error code decoder, but haven't found anything that will tell me what the error code is trying to tell me.

Using Windows XP computer and a uno board from Sunfounder. When initially connected to the computer through the USB the green power LED was steady, the yellow alternated on/off as though the ‘blink’ program had been preinstalled. Initially used the 'windows 'driver installer - the uncompressed one. I then tried loading the drivers using the drivers contained in the compressed files. The same results. I tried changing the delays in the Blink program to see if the blink rate would change; it didn’t. Still same not-in-sync error.
I’m about 12 hours of effort into this with no forward motion, any help would be appreciated.

check under the tools menu if the board selected is right?

most common cause for this error

Thanks for the suggestion, checked and the board selected is the uno.

FIXED - not exactly sure why but changing com ports resolved it. thanks all for help. Geri