doesnt work


my freeduino works in some computers and others doesnt :-/

what could happen ? :-X

Sunspots, a magic supressor field maybe its just drivers and settings.. i guess this posting should be more likely to be found in Troubleshooting - and definetly have a more precise problem description. Do you get error messages? What IDE? Checked the Com ports? FTDI Drivers isntalled etc...

Can you also detail what

my freeduino works in some computers and others doesnt

means? Doesn't it even power up? You can program it in one computer but not in another? What does "work" mean to you?

My hardware administrator saids there is not driver installed (device not working) and the IDE "ARDUINO" can't access it. >:(

However another device with ft232rl ( works just fine

It could used could be registry problems ? :o Any suggestion or idea ?

thanks in advance

OK, we need to know some facts about your setup: what computer? what OS? in what way did it not work?

My computer Processor Semprom 2200+ HDD 250G Ram DDR 1Gb Windows Xp service pack 2.0

Fail : Just installing drivers from FTDI webpage my system saids "hardware device is not recognized" once instalion process works but it fails after message "drivers no installed, unable to locate more appropiated drivers"

delete if possible any FTDI driver you have. Plug in the other FTDI Device you have an uninstal it in the hardware manager. Afterwards plug in the arduino and wait for the hardware assistant to look for drivers. When there locate your downloaded and not installed drivers and install them via the hardware assitant. For me that worked a few times...

Thanks for every answer. :)

Fail fix :D

Origen: False grounding at USb conector and bad soldering at ftdi made impossible communication

Evidence Leds TX and RX blinking permanently and no connection with computer

Solution ;D Replacement of USB connector and soldering FTDI (again it was made at freeduino)