dog agility jumps.

Hello everyone.
A while ago I made 12 remote controlled agility jumps. I used a Picaxe chip and stepper driver module to do most of the work. They work OK but I have issues with the remote signal not always working on all the jumps. I was thinking it might work better, and give extra capabilities, if I used WiFi instead. what I was thinking is to use my tablets hotspot, and connect each jump via ESP8266s.
Ideally It would be good if you could have buttons on the tablet and when pressed they would move the jumps to the correct height. Is this possible using multiple WiFi clients?
Alternatively I was wondering if having a webpage with the buttons on, and then all the clients periodically check the data on the webpage. This way would use more precious battery life, but I could live with it if it came to that.
I just want to know if either of these is feasible, or weather there is a better way to go about it.
Thanks in advance for your replies.

You don't say what sort of wireless you were using with Picaxe. Without knowing that it is hard to say whether WiFi would be more reliable. What is the longest distance for wireless communication? Are there are obstacles in the way of the wireless signal?

If you already know how to build a web application then it should be straightforward to create a good user interface. If you don't then you face a steep learning curve.