Dog Feeder Design help

Hi everyone,

I am interested in making my own auto dog feeder. The design must have the ability to dispense dog chow as well as water in one because my dogs have been spoiled in only eating water damped dog chow.

The commercial dog feeder's designs are rather too complex.

These two links have given me some ideas on the design : Video 1 and Video 2. and they are very similar to each other.

1 I will like to get opinions and if anyone has designs to show me a few of yours please ?


2 If no one has any ideas, at least from the video standpoint, do you think it is possible to use a high torque servo for the motor ? and A 6 inch PVC pipe for the chow reservoir couple with some reducers for the drainage pipes ? And will plexiglass do the trick for the creation of dispensing wheel that is connected to the motor ? And will this valve Solenoid Valve coupled with a sprinkler be able to make the water dispensing system on the chow ?


@dave-in-nj yes what ?