Doing Two things at Once

I'm sure that this is possible, by the very nature of the thing, but is it possible to have the Arduino (in my case, Uno) do two completely unrelated things at one time?

As a basic example: Have Arduino log temperature while also having it work a servo.

I'm sure it's possible, I just haven't seen it talked about anywhere.

That is the basis of Blink without delay.

in loop,
check if 50mS has gone by, it if has do one thing.
at the next 50mS interval, do the other

both are done at same time, status checked/action taken every 100mS on each for this example.

Ah, there it is right there! Thank you!

Of course you could always get a FPGA. But the trick to micros is figuring out how to do the most stuff in the best possible order and efficiently. Its like an art haha