Dolla Tek DS3231

Good morning
I bought this DS3231 device I would like to know how to change with 3 buttons hour minutes and seconds

have you looked for tutorials on RTC? there are zillions on line

yes i read them but didn't find the right one for me

that's the first google hit I get

what's wrong with this?

What exactly do you want to do with the 3 buttons ?

Do you know how to read the state of the buttons and detect when they have changed ?

Have you read the time from the DS3231 and displayed it on the Serial monitor or other display ?

with the three buttons I have to change hour minutes and seconds by one. How do you read the value of the button?
and yes I read both on the serial monitor and on the display

that's not what I want

Have you looked at any of the examples in the IDE ?
There is one with the very obvious name of Button

I am not clear whether you have got the DS3231 working and displaying values. If you have then please post the code but read this first How to get the best out of this forum and follow the advice

the button works but I cannot advance the time, date and seconds. If the DS3231 works, it displays date, time and everything

Post what you tried

Then understand what they have done and code it the way you want…

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