Domestic and Industrial use

Hi , i am new to arduino and i have a project on my mind. It is a simple dog water and food feeder. I am a programmer and a dog lover and i would like to make this device. I would like to know if arduino is suitable both for domestic or "industrial" use as i have more than 50 friends who interested in such a device but in my place is quite expensive to buy from known brand.

Will arduino satisfy this project ? Do i need something more expensive ? Can i complete it with something cheaper like a pro mini board (about 3-4 euros).
Also if i try to make more like this device for my friends i would like a robust project. What chip do you suggest me ? Are cheap boards a satisfying option ?

Any Arduino board should be suitable. If you are competent with a soldering iron you could use an Atmega 328 chip on a piece of strip board (vero board).