Domotic Home problems

Hello. For my exam I want to present a domotic home sample. I need to control some devices, likes 4 bulb lights (12V) a motor with the L293 a MQ-2 Gas sensor, 4 heater and fans, a temperature/ humidity sensor (dht11) 8 leds, 2 photoresistors and 2 buzzers. (the second buzzer is integrated into a magnetic sensor.

To converts the 5V of arduino to 12V i used some transistors. The Hardware part works fine but the problem is the software.

To control the home i use the ethernet shield.

I'm using this code: (all created/edited by me, the only think founded on internet is the css of the form of the squares of the switches.)

The code had some problems, somebody smarter than me can maybe help me ?

My exam is 17 of this month.

I'm sorry for my English but i don't speak this language well.

sti_sasaa.ino (9.77 KB)

Edit: I can't use the 53-50 pins because are used by the ethernet shield.

#7 below for posting your code:,148850.0.html

Maybe the code is too long and I can't post it ?

Maybe the code is too long and I can't post it ?

Bummer! Pperhaps you can reduce the code size that has an issue and post that. If the code is too large to post, you may have memory issues.