[Done] Android: Pair (Y), Connect (N)

I've been trying to get an HC05 going with ArduDroid. They Pair, but I see no way, no means, to Connect. I power it up, it's blinking at a fast rate ("2pps"). I Pair and it's blinking at a slower rate (1p every other sec). [Not as long, different from the AT?Command mode blink.] I don't get/find any option to 'Connect'. TechBitar uses the 'action button', but all I get is a list of open "apps".

I found a bluetooth serial monitor for the PC. It has a 'Connect' button to click, and doing so makes the HC05 LED go into that double-blink state (indicating a [u]Connection[/u]).

I'm savvy with the wires, it's not that. For that matter, the Pair and Connect action have no Arduino interaction; all that's really required there is power.

The HC05 is set properly (see pic):
ROLE = 0  [S]
UART = 9600,0,0  [9600, 1 stop, no par]
CMODE = 1  [connect to any]

VERSION = hc01.com.V2.1

Any Masters of ArduDroid-Android-BT out there?

Updating with my circuit/wiring (Wow. Nobody can nail this?)

I found the HC-06 that I was looking for ("linvor"). No difference with it. According to the Android, it Pairs, but that's it. Its STATE LED stays in fast blink. Nothing results a "Connect with?" option. Must be some setting in the Android (??), but I cannot find it.

I'm reading that Les Androids have a problem with these HC devices. Need to change/modify the CLASS parameter AT+CLASS=1 Dying to try this out.

No joy there. Got no reply to an enquiry: AT+CLASS? results a nothing, which is better than an 'ERROR', but not by much. AT+CLASS=1 results an OK, but to no good end. Sucks.

Had to give up on "ArduDroid". I found another app, though - Bluetooth Terminal HC-05 by mightyIT - $1.49 to turn off the ads. It only has 5 buttons, but you can store whatever text you want sent with each or just go on-the-fly. Eureka - something that works!

► ► My HC-05 double-blinks when it's 'connected' and the HC-05 (has the same ckt_bd w/o pb) goes solid on.