If you are interested in coding our Arduino program for a 7 sensor high altitude balloon project please keep reading.

Will be using an Arduino Uno R3.
Will be logging to SD via Adafruit Assembled Logging Shield.
Will be modular code (if we decide or decide not to run specific sensors in the end).
Will be output in a format sufficient for easy export to Excel.
Will log timestamped GPS readings with each interval of sensor logging.
Will log GPS data to SD card as well as GPS's own internal logging.
Will be efficiently coded and low consumption - 600mAh battery and 3hrs flight time.
Will have adjustable sensor reading intervals.
Will have terrific code notation, layman's breakdown code annotation.
Will offer support for changes/explanation after you've submitted your working code.

Sensors used:

  • TMP36 - Temperature
  • HEL705-U-1-12 - RTD Temperature - via Playingwithfusion PT1000 RTD breakout
  • BMP180 - Pressure - via SparkFun breakout
  • MPL3115A2 - Altitude (Pressure) - via Adafruit Breakout
  • Honeywell ASDX - Pressure - I2C digital
  • Adafruit Ultimate GPS - ..GPS - Altitude, Time, and Location data for each sensor reading interval

If you have any questions or clarifications requests please respond or PM me. Please have a ballpark price in mind.


Basically, your project can be implemented, but I am not sure that we can provide 3 hours of using device on this battery.

with a 600mAh battery and an expected flight time of 3 hours then you have in the order of 200mA draw capacity More than enough for the peripherals you are planning to use.

I have built low power consumption systems before for other clients requiring 6 month standby on their systems

Have a quick look at my website at some of my other work and if you think we can work together please feel free to drop me an email to

Cheers Pete.