Don't bend the power cord! Your Apple BookAir won't forgive You!

So, my McDonald's BookAir is so fab. Especially if you'd like to have serious needs. It's a machine you can always trust.

Checkout! it's so light that Apple was not able to put a good heatsink inside the laptop. As result the laptop is working so fine that your machine will overheat with things like FEM analysis, EagleCAD, LTSpice, etc.

But hey? Don't worry, you can still use the laptop as 'lady hand bag'. If you use the laptop for things like Facebook, it won't overheat and then burning on fire.

Does it suck? Yeah, it does. Today I have learnt that even the power cord on the PSU sucks a lot! It's located in the corner of the machine, if you accidentally bend it then you break it. And having a power cord on the corner makes it very easy to bend.

Cool Apple, good idea! Ingenious, since a new PSU costs no less than 90 euro!!!

I don't want to give a penny to Apple, so I had to remove the sheath along the upper part of the cable, cut the cable, remove everything around the connector, twist the ground shield into a wire shape, and soldering things together with a fitting frame cable(1) which guides a piece of bare inner cable along the connector.

Now you can't bend it (easily), so, you can't (easily) break it. Problem solved :smiley:

(1) obtained pulling wires from a cable of an old intercom.