Don't buy MKRFOX1200 - there is no support

I am very disapointed with the support by the Arduino organisation for the MKRFOX1200. In fact they give no support, they don't respond to urgent requests and leave you to fight it out with the Sigfox organisation.

The MKRFOX1200 device does not work out-of-the-box, at least not on the Dutch Sigfox network. The registration is a mess and apparently Arduino has also made it impossible to let local network providers give you support.

That was my thoughts about the MKR1000 originally.

However it took me a little while to realise that it was a "brand new item" and that it "takes time" for that support to build up. to a point where it becomes acceptable.

I am sorry about your experience so far but dont let it put you off Arduino completely. If you take a little time to wander the sections you will realise that once a product becomes established then there are a great many fantastic members of the community who freely offer help and advice.

Like I said it took a while forme to be able to use my MKR in a consistent manner. And it is only be reporting issues especially on the GITHUB sections of the products that the detailed support behind the product can be better developed.

Have you tried the GITHUB sections ?

I have been an Arduino user and tinkerer since the first boards came out. It's not a question of software, the device simply does not work after registration on the Sigfox backend, at least not in the Netherlands.

And the Arduino Store that sells this product simply says: Oh, we have cc-ed someone from Sigfox he will fix it for you. And this guy has now been trying to fix it for 2 days and it still doesn't work! Meanwhile Arduino Store does not respond to my support requests anymore.

Apperantly Arduino has made some stupid deal with Sigfox without giving it much thought.

Again have you tried the GITHUB sections.

I honestly find that once an issue hits the those lists it often gains a little more traction.

Dear Certeza, we replied 3 times in 2 days to your support ticket and a reply also here directly on sigfox website

I'm sad to read that you are not receiving support.

sometimes the resolution of the issues it's not straightforward, as you can imagine.

have a nice evening

Replying is NOT the same as giving support.

I am sorry to disagree but I think you are a bunch of amateurs.

I have set up wireless networks with Arduino boards and ZigBee, RFM69 chips, LoRA and Wifi, and have never experienced these stupid problems.

You seem not to be able to admin the registration in the backend properly, that's what is sad.

The good things: The MKRFOX1200 does work in The Netherlands! And the Geolocation improved last week from a very bad >30 km to better than <7 km accuracy.

The real bad thing: I drove around a bit and soon discovered that coverage is very limited. This is strange because my brothers Sens’it Sigfox module works very well.

In the coming week I am going to do some coverage comparisons between MKRFOX1200 and Sens’it. I meanwhile send and email with my complaints to the Dutch respresentative of Sigfox and to Ariduino.

My impression is that it could be a hardware related bug. So far there is no reason to believe that Sigfox designates only a few base stations to MKRFOX1200?

Is there anyone able to measure the transmission power at the antenna output? I may have to post these issues on the Sigfox web-site also…

So far I would say wait for version 2.0. If there is no solution soon I will claim a refund!