Don't click!

I know this can be considered old topic, but I just hate websites tracking me and pretending it's not:

What appears on a facebook email:

What actually goes on if I click it:

I blocked out most of the personal information. The thing is, the link shouldn't pretend to be one thing but actually does another thing. That's one reason I never use facebook.

Forgot to log out of google. OK done. Now I can search all I want.

i think that happens with Google search results as well ?
usually i just right-click a link, paste it into Notepad and take out the pure URL.

While I don’t disagree in theory, that tracking provides metrics that drive advertisement sales, which pay for the service. Facebook ain’t cheap to run. It certainly isn’t free. I’m willing to let Google harvest some demographics to keep the lights on. I use it, and that’s how I pay for it.

I avoid Facebook for many reasons, and wouldn’t care too much if it ceased to exist. So… no deal. :slight_smile:

I hate Facebook ! but it does let me see what my Grandkids are up to on the other side of the world, so I put up with it, but never click on anything that wants to look in my address book… mutter, mutter …

That's not a Facebook problem, it sounds like a SPAM problem. The email you received, probably not even from Facebook, implies you're being linked to but you're not. is owned by the Tribune Company and has no specific relation to Facebook as far as I can tell.