don't update your chrome browser

I updated the browser, and now nothing works! I have even uninstalled it, several times, and tried a reinstall, and still nothing works.

Thinking of trying firefox...


I tried to switch over to Chrome a while ago after Firefox did a major UI change to basically copy the look of Chrome. I figured if I'm going to be forced to use a knock-off Chrome I might as well just switch to the real thing. I quickly got fed up with not being able to customize Chrome how I wanted it, switched back to Firefox, and by that time someone had made an extension to bring back the old style, I haven't looked back since.

Ooh, 1985, 1986! Going way back.

Well, maybe a little later:
"Netscape Navigator (versions 0.9–4.08) Netscape Navigator was Netscape's web browser from versions 1.0–4.8. The first beta versions were released in 1994 and were called Mosaic and later Mosaic Netscape. ... During this period, the entire suite was called Netscape Navigator."

I have to use chrome as an application i use for quad copter is a chrome application.
Also annoying as in the field have no web access so cannot tweak the settings.

i am not positive, but i think a microwave dish antenna would work for WiFi. :wink:


It does not.
The location has good signal strength but the bandwidth is poor.
Someone nearby (resident) gets poor throughput.
Telco has limited access to everyone else.

I smell a CANTENNA !

Look it up and throw a wifi extender or similar on it.
Scary easy to make and cheap as they come (unless you have more money than sense which I doubt)