Door Bell Project

Hey everyone! ;D New to the community. I have a Project where i think an ardunio board/s might be the right way to go. I have a door bell (Normally Open) run back to a server room. When pressed (becoming closed) i need something to send a 12V trigger to an AMP that has a page function. This amp controls all the speakers in the house. After a 12V trigger is sent and a 2 second delay, i need a doorbell sound file to play at line level to the amp (playing throughout the house). If anyone could steer me in a direction of the right hardware i should be looking at or if this is even something that is possible in a relatively neat setup. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

If the sound file is short, about 3 seconds maximum then you can store the sound sample in the Arduino and play it back with PWM modulation. If you want a longer sound then get an Adafruit wav shield.

For the input I would use the 12V and a resistor to drive the LED side of an opto isolator.