Door Entry System


I am quite new to arduino but i ahve an idea for a project but just need some advice on how to go about doing it...

I am looking at having a door bell linked to an Ardunio which will -sound a alarm in the house -turn on a small monitor with a feed of a ip camera that covers the door -maybe allow an intercom conversation with who is at the door. -and eventually allow access if you want to lete the person in.

I have had a look through the internet for any obvious answers but it seems that alot of tutorials use pushbox straight to an iphone/mobile device, i wanted it to turn a dedicated monitor on and sound an alert.. or notifiy all the pc's that are in my domain that someone is at the door (maybe a popup with link to a html page with the relay and video/communications).

Any advice or help would be much appreciated..

Thanks in adavance


First off the arduino could control those systems, but not actually facilitate most of them. The camera and intercom would need their own system then maybe you could turn them on and off. The arduino itself will not be able to handle a video or audio feed.

You're gonna want to do this one thing at a time. Figure out how to sound the alarm you want. Figure out how to turn on the camera and monitor, figure out the door lock. Then put it all together once you get all those things figured out. DO NOT worry about the project as a whole until then, there will be way too many things to work out for each part.

The only other advice I have at this point is to look in to an electric door strike rather than electric door lock. This way the door still operates normally but you can let people in if you desire. An electric door lock can either fail and lock you in or fail and let anyone in.

Thanks for the reply,

I am already running a paxton access system so that oart is sorted... I will look into playing WAV's from the Arduino once a button is pressed and also switching a relay (which then i can supply the monitor with power)....

I guess i could use a Raspberry PI to run the html page or get the page from my server with the embedded camera feed and open/close controls...

Any other advice or help would be much appreciated.

I'd use the Pi. There is an interface card called PiFace that has a couple of relays plus switches, LEDs and buffered I/O. You can drive an HDMI or composite video monitor and stereo audio directly from the Pi. Wav or mp3 files are no problem. As far as a web interface is concerned, anything you can do with a Linux-based computer is easy.

I know this is an Arduino forum but there are many projects that are easier/cheaper to do with other platforms. This may be one of them.