Door open on my TV bench. Need help to make it good :)

Hey :slight_smile:

I going to make a door open on my TV bench. ( to cooling my HIFI and look cool)

Going to use this:

and I going to use aduiono to read 12/5v power from temp controller.

And if aduiono get 12/5v signal then the Linear Actuator Servo start to open the door. and if aduino not get 12/5V signal then Linear Actuator Servo going back ( return back)

Look at the picture I made:

Is it possible and make it the way I drew it?
and how I make the code right

  • Knutarn :smiley:

Use an optoisolator to connect the 12v signal to the Arduino or use a resistor voltage divider.

You must use a H bridge driver to run and power the motor. The Arduino will not be able to supply enough current to drive the motor. Feed the driver from the power supply directly, not via the Arduino.

The program simply reads the input, if input is true, operate motor until it is extended, then wait until input is false and reverse the motor.


thx! :D Like this?

Its servo motor so just need use servo code

How the code wil look like ? To get it perfect :D

Hi, Are you sure that servo is going to be strong enough? How big are the doors? It is a micro plane servo, very small.

Tom.... :)

Think so :) This picture:


The throw of that actuator is 20mm maximum, if you are trying to open those front cabinet doors, you will have to use a lever system to get the extra movement.

This means the application force will be less, but I think that actuator will not even be able to open the door if you use it direct.

Tom.... :)

Knutarn: How the code wil look like ? To get it perfect :D

It should comply with the basics of C style - check out the sticky posts at the top of the forum for 'How to write Arduino code"

A button to drive a servo is pretty straightforward - and a good 'first' project, but will tech you a few things on the way through. Try searching for Arduino Servo with Button...

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