Door Security locking system!

Hi guyz,, i just wanna ask this question about RFID and Arduino,, IS it possible for arduino and RFID to control lights inside a certain room as the door opens using RFID tag, I mean allow faculty member to enter a certain based on his/her schedule ,,, for exam user 1 has an schedule in a laboratory for monday 9am to 12pm,, in this given time only user 1 can open the door then upon unlocking the door using RFID it automatically turn on the lights and off the light after his'her given time,,,..this our problem,, please help us,, thank you so much,,

The RFID is only a minor part it seems.
With an Ethernet shield you could connect it to a server to store and retrieve data from a database or whatever, And the arduino can control relays and other devices. Seems like a very possible project. But experience with the required tools would be needed to do it without security holes.

We already have all the materials needed including the device,, and we almost done the system,, but our problem we dont know the program that restricts the user to enter the laboratory based on his/her given schedule,, we already manipulated the lights inside the room and we already manipulated the door,, but our last module which is the restriction, only allowing user to enter the room based on his/her schedule and no other user can enter/open the door using RFID as the user 1 time lapzed.,,we dont know the codes,,thanks..

we dont know the program that restricts the user to enter the laboratory

Are you planning on storing the user data on the arduino or externally?

Having the data on the Arduino means you have to recompile and upload just to replace a schedule.

our data stored on our database which is MySQL,,it is not on the ARDUINO! can you help us?

can you help us?

Help you with what? You have not explained specifically what your problem is. Only that you appear to be in over your heads.

Have you written a sketch that reads the RFID tags?

Have you written a script on the server that takes a RFID tag and accesses data in the database?

Have you written a sketch that makes a GET request to that server and parses the resulting information?

Have you got a real time clock attached to the Arduino, so that it knows what time it is?

Have you written a sketch that does something (anything, really) at a specific time? Do you know how to tell if "now" is between start and end times?

Breaking your problem down into small steps is the key to developing a finished project. What steps have you defined? Which have you successfully implemented? Which are not yet complete, but are reasonably well defined? And, which are grossly undefined?

If the database is on a web server, use php to do the communication between mysql and the arduino, and an Ethernet shield on the Arduino.

Hi all,

i need your assistance if possible .i'm doing a graduation project on home security automatic door lock using arduino uno and GSM shield.

the main system is to set an alarm system as sending ,receiving SMS and MAking voice call in case anyone tries to open the door when no one's at home .

Also, checks if the door is locked if not sends an SMS and so on. and if i left the door unlocked to send a specific code to lock it or to set the system on .

Could you give me any help?!

Where's your code?


Sorry i’m still working on it i’ve just started so there are many errors .

i’ll attach it and hope if anyone can give me a slit advice as i not sure how to combine them together so i wrote each system alone . :confused: :’(

many thanks in advance.

Project-Code.ino (4.18 KB)

code.ino (1.5 KB)

code2.ino (1.13 KB)

i'm doing a graduation project

In what field of study?

i'm studying communication engineer and this is my graduation project .

i appreciate your help .

i'm studying communication engineer

English isn't your native language, I presume. You've been asked some questions. You have failed to communicate responses to those questions.

and hope if anyone can give me a slit advice

A what?

i not sure how to combine them together so i wrote each system alone .

You have three pieces of code that do something. You have not told us what they do.

You want to combine the code, with the result being code that does something. Other than some vague handwaving, you have not told us what the resulting code should do.

You have not told us what attempts you've made to combine the code, what went right, or what went wrong.

Seems to me that someone studying communications, and getting ready to graduate, would be better at communicating.


mm.. frankly you're right . I've just started to learn about arduino programming and yes each code is like a scratch as i said before it's not good and i've tried to explain the function of my code but i had little hope that anyone will respond. :(

the first code is the communication between the arduino and the GSM shield as listed int the arduino libaries .

my code is devided to three systems: 1- simplex: as checks if the lock is normaly closed/opened (by a digital pin if high--> normaly closed ,, low --> normaly opend ) as when low sends the user a SMS and perhaps makes a call to both user and police .

2- Automatic: as the user can send a specific code when he has been alerted that the door has been opened so the code will close the lock as turn the pin from low---> high as well as sending SMS the door is open then when closed the door is closed and so on .where another code will set the system

3- Time range: to define a specific range as when the user usually leaves home to turn on the system and to check the current time and compare it with the range to turn the system on or off .

it's very kind of you to reply and i'm very thankful to you but i trying my best. :/