Doorbell LED Strobe Light !!

I have an arduino uno R3 and 4 Nano ATmega328P with 5 NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz. I want to build a Doorbell that is connected to a Led strobe light, i plan on build out of 1w led. When i ring the doorbell i want the strobe light to flash 3 times quick and for every ring i want it to do the same! The doorbell ringer will be at my front door and the flashing strobe light in my basement. can anyone please help me? Ive looked all over youtube got close but nothing yet.

Slap one microcontroller up in your doorbell unit (the thing that actually makes the sound) so you can piggy back off of that trigger instead of trying to work inside the doorframe near the actual button. Assuming you already have two microcontrollers talking to eachother, it's simple code after that.

Are you specifically needing help with the wiring or the coding? Or are you looking for someone to do it for you because you don't know anything?

I'm learning I've been working my way up, I started about a week ago and i'm loving it. Mostly have just need following youtube videos and trying to create my own thing now. I would most likely need help with both to be honest.

Ok, so you'll want to start with just figuring out stuff, on one Arduino

Learn how to wire up an LED, and make it blink. Use the example "Blink" in the Arduino program. Then make it only blink when you're pressing a button. Use the example "Button". Then make it blink when you press a button, but keep blinking even when you let go. Read up on button state changes. Then make it blink only 3 times.

After you have the behavior you want on just one Arduino, where pushing a button causes the LED to blink 3 times, then the bridge to cross is making another Arduino figuratively push that button.

Thank you very much, that really help. I will be sure to let you know how it goes.