Doorbell solenoid

How difficult would it be to drive a doorbell solenoid?

The thing is, the solenoid is rated at 16 volts, and I know the arduino doesnt have anything close to that.

Will a different volt rating still power the solenoid? Or does it have to be 16 volts because of the way its wound? (I seem to remember hearing something like that)

So, if I have to keep it at 16 volts, how do I do this? Im also planning on putting a little more amperage into the coil to make it stronger than a normal doorbell solenoid. Is this a bad idea?

Thanks! :)

which relay?

If you dont have one, you can just get a 5v relay, that can switch the current needed for your doorbell-solenoid..

You need a transistor and an external supply to drive this. See this page and treat it just like a relay or motor:-