Dorji DRF1276DM and arduino, need help please

I am thinking about to buy 2x Dorji DRF1276DM

I am going to use one Arduino UNO as transmitter and another Arduino UNO for receiver, Range is 1600 meters. Can i directly connect Dorji DRF1276DM to arduino or do i need to do some arrangements, can you help me about this ? And is there any differences on coding an LoRa SX1276 and this Dorji DRF1276DM, can i code them same ? If you have an example code for Dorji DRF1276DM and pin-connection schematic, i would be very very grateful. I am new to this stuff, sorry if i did something wrong. I really need help, thank you all.

It looks like you can connect the DRF1276DM direct to an Arduino, via a serial interface. The documentation is clear, these are LoRa modules with a UART in front of them.

The code to drive the DRF1276DM would be completly different to code for the native LoRa chip SX1276/8.

I would stick to a module you can find code for.