Dose the bootloader of Arduino like the wiring?

I have make a wiring board by hand , and get the bootloader of wiring , but I have any idea about how to burn it to m128, because wiring is not as open as Arduino , I can’t get a guide in wiring , so I hope someone can help me , here

the hex is about 6k , and I use a Parallel Port Programmer [ch65306]
if need , I will buy a AVRISP.
can any one tell me about the fuse settings ? or a cmd like this :" uisp -dpart=ATmega128 -dprog=dapa -dlpt=0x378 --wr_fuse_l=0xff --wr_fuse_h=0xda --wr_fuse_e=0xff "

thank you !

Be careful, if you apply the wrong fuse settings you can make it impossible to use the ATmega128 (e.g. if you configure it for a different type of clock source than it’s really connected to). I don’t know the correct fuse settings; I think you’re best of asking Hernando.

thank you mellis !
I had post the question on the forum of wiring , but still on reply ,
the thing I only can do is waiting :frowning: