Dot Correction mode on TLC5940?

I am trying to conform all my LEDs to the same brightness by using the dot correction mode on the TLC5940. Unfortunately all the available libraries are the same and only have a function Tlc.setallDC which is basically useless as it sets the dot correction value for ALL channels at the same time, while dot correction is meant to to be set on an individual basis, per channel. Does anyone know how to use the DC function PER channel? There is a function, setDCfromProgmem, but there is no documentation or examples of how to use it, so I am at a loss.

This is the library I'm using.

Never mind, I sorted it: the Micro, which I am using, does not come with VPRG pin defined in the needs to be defined manually, and is mislabeled Teensy_xxU4.h.