Dotty, a project from an 18 years old guy!

Hi guys! I post here because I would like to show you a project I'm working on for several months, and that is now online on kickstarter. It is many years that I contribute to the forum, some periods more, other less, but please let introduce myself again: I'm Marco, I'm from Italy, and I'm 18 years old. I've built few things in my life, starting from a 3d printer, up to two drone flight controllers and two boards for my model rocket. The last one is Dotty, a completely programmable clock, compatible with arduino. I preffered to speak about this rather than the other few things because this time I cared about every aspect, form the CAD design to the PCB prototyping up to the code (that is open source). Well, I've spoken enough, if you want to discover something more on it, here's the link! ;)

Thank you for all the help you gave me in those years!

That's a nice clock Marco. Good luck with your ks.

You fly the rocket?

Can you put a cheap RF transmitter inside to transmit short pulses?

And then put the receiver close to under the rocket and use Dotty to translate doppler of the pulses into change of position/acceleration of the rocket? It won't be perfect. Just a nice start.

@Chris: Thank you!!
@GoFor: Hi! Yes, I launched the rocket, and there was also a RF system to have real time data from the board inside (like temperature, pressure, humidity, GPS etc). Actually triangulate using Dotty is a great idea!! Thank you! I could use both its battery and its expansion pins! Noted, thanks :wink: :slight_smile:

Triangulate after just do the linear. Try to put the receiver as close in line with the rocket path.

Triangulate for real will need spread-out receivers and maths that will require fast high precision floating point more suited to a PC. The programming would be pretty heavy with changing rates in 3D.

Just the linear case to approximate position will take more than it first seems and won't tell about side motion. But the doppler of acceleration will be simple. Make the pulses at high note audible frequency and hook up a speaker to the receiver output, you will hear the doppler shift.

Hi! Ok, got it! Great idea ;) Yeah, doppler much more easier, just one formula, and then calculate the distance in function of the two freqs! Thanks!!

Accepting constructive criticism?

“A project/watch from a 18 year old guy.” Is not a good marketing name when there are younger people doing bigger stuff. It’s nearly as impressive as “A Boombox from a 99 year old truck driver.”

If you want your project to succeed, you should change the slogan.

Good luck. :wink:

BenTec: ... It's nearly as impressive as "A Boombox from a 99 year old truck driver." ...

I would actually be intrigued by that!

Someone who is rocking it at 18, could well be the guy that owns it at 20 ...

I'm not saying that dotty is all that (I don't know), but if you don't put it out there, who will ever catch it?! Judge the work, not the marketing messages (or the age.)

Or the BBC Micro Bit

5x5 is not really enough though.Micro Bit is more about BT and IoT.

Hi! Ben Tec, I do appreciate your point of view. However, let me share mine, even if, of course, I'm a little bit biased on the question. I think there are not many 18 year old guys who in their last year of high school decides to put effort, time and money in a project like that, and I wanted to wear my age as a badge of honor. It might not seem such a big project, but think about all the parts it is composed: cad files, 3d printing, pcb manufactoring and soldering, software, and also the kickstarter page itself: I'm italian, english is not my native language. Said that, at the moment the project is ended, and it hasn't reached its goal. But I don't think that is so bad after all: the knowledge, software and electrical skills learned in those few months of working will be mine forever.

Hey marco! This sounds like a great project. I'd donate to the kickstarter but the time limit has appeared to pass.


Thank you for appreciating it! Yeah, I know, the time is over... It will be the next time ;) Thanks!