Double click "Laser On" Double click "Laser Off"

Hello everyone, Thank you all for your time.
I Have my code that when I keep holding the button the laser turn on "HIGH"
when I release my finger from the button the laser turns off "LOW"

But I want when I double click the laser turn on and when I double click again the laser turn off.

Thank you and sorry for my bad English.

int laserPin = 10;
const int btn = 6;// The push button
int previousButtonStateLAZER = HIGH;   // for btn6

void setup(){
  pinMode(btn, INPUT);
  pinMode (laserPin, OUTPUT);

void loop(){
  int buttonStateLAZER = digitalRead(btn);
  // if the button state has changed,
  if (buttonStateLAZER != previousButtonStateLAZER){
    if( buttonStateLAZER == HIGH ) {
      digitalWrite (laserPin, HIGH);
      digitalWrite (laserPin, LOW);
  previousButtonStateLAZER = buttonStateLAZER;

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try the onebutton library.
try this example: OneButton/SimpleOneButton.ino at master · mathertel/OneButton · GitHub