Double-click on Arduino Icon--Get nada, zip, zilch

I actually got my new arduino to do the “blink” thing, but when I try to start the Arduino Icon again, it won’t do anything. What in the world is my Neanderthal brain doing wrong??? Have tried reinstalling the software but still no luck. Thank-you

We need to know a little more about yur setup...

What OS are you running?

I had a similar problem to waht you're describing on my Vista machine. You need to make sure you have the latest Jave version installed. You can gert thiat at



Thank-you kindly, Andres. I'm running XP Home. I think I have the latest Java applets, but will check for sure. My arduino is stiff blinking the one second on-one second off, when I attach the usb cable. I've read the forums, etc., until my eyeball are falling from their sockets, yet the solution eludes me. Any help you can send my way will be much appreciated. Thanks, again. Joe

i would also make sure that you do have the latest version of the java engine. Also, once you KNOW that you have the latest version of the java engine, you should also need to delete or rename the “java” folder inside the Arduino intallation folder.

good luck!


Seems like a totally stupid question, but have you tried redownloading the software, and what do you mean by installing?? The arduino software is in a zip folder isn't it, have you unzipped it?

If you have try reinstalling Java and possibly try under another environment, like Linux, it should work even with Live CD as I believe that Ubuntu comes with Java on disk, see for info

Regards, /me

Thanks, guys/gals. I have downloaded and installed the latest Java apps, and when I downloaded the arduino stuff, I did unzip the files to a new desktop folder where the newly downloaded arduino files are so I could easily locate them. See anything amiss with those steps so far? I didn't think anything could be more frustrating than my teenage daughter, but this is getting close. :'( Still getting just a nanosecond flash when I double-click the blue/purple/whatever I'm colorblind Arduino Icon). Maybe it's some divine punishment for the evil I did back in college days. Sigh....

OMG OMG. Andres, you're a genius. Deleting the Java folder solved my problem. But before I get too giddy, I did open and close the Sketch page thing several times and it seems fine. Will a new upload automatically overwrite the old "blink" program I got to run, or do I have to do something else to purge it?

Thanks again for your help, Andres--you too, Graymalkin. It's nice to know there's still some goodwill left on the planet. Too bad that it's on the "endangered species " list.

i think that by default the arduino IDE will open the last sketch being edited.

as far as the Arduino board itself, each time you upload a sketch it will overwrite the previous one. No need to do anything else.

just make sure you keep track of which sketch you have uploaded to which board... it can get pretty confusing after a while :)

glad your setup is now working... good luck!