Double digit led control with max7219

Hello everybody

For a project for school I’m trying to make a scoreboard with 2 double digit seven segment displays. I also use a max7219 for which i use the library ledcontrol.
So I use 2 pushbuttons, one for each display. When I only write my code for the first pushbutton (= knop1) the display adds one every time i press the pushbutton. But when I add the same code for the second display, I can only take turns to raise the display each. So when I push button 1 (=knop1) it adds one to the first display, but when I push it again it does nothing until i push button 2 (knop2) which first adds one to the second display before i can add one to the first display again. I hope someone can helpt me with this problem.

Thanks in advance,
an Arduino learning student.

The code:

#include “LedControl.h” //bibliotheek voor aansturing 2 digit 7 segment LED display via de max7219

LedControl lc = LedControl(12,11,10,1); //duidt aangesloten pinnen aan van de max7219 (din, clock,load, aantal max7219 IC’s)

int knop1 = 2;
int knop2 = 3;

int display1 = 0;
int display2 = 0;

int linkerdigit;
int rechterdigit;

int statusknop1;
int statusknop2;

void setup() {

lc.shutdown(0,false); // Wake up MAX7219

lc.setIntensity(0,7); // Set brightness to medium


pinMode (knop1, INPUT_PULLUP); //stelt knop 1 als input
pinMode (knop2, INPUT_PULLUP); //stelt knop 2 als input



void scorethuis () {


rechterdigit = display1%10;
linkerdigit = display1%100/10;


while (!digitalRead(knop1)) {

void scoreuit (){


rechterdigit = display2%10;
linkerdigit = display2%100/10;


while (!digitalRead(knop2)) {

void loop() {

if (!digitalRead(knop1)){

if (!digitalRead(knop2)){

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