double gearbox left/right

Ello!! I am new here and am in need of some guidence.

I have never programmed before but i am wanting to start now with some basic fun projects.

I am purchasing a tracked chassis system with a double gear box. My goal is to have the ardunio turn on the motor for a few seconds going straight, then right for a few inches, then left, then straight or whatever combo i see fit. i eventually want to build an obsticle course for it to go through but i think starting off with having it drive for a few feet in multiple directions is a great place for me to start.

I know its asking alot, but i may need my hand held on this. I have never tackled something like this before. I have no idea what pins things connect to and what not. do i have to come p woth my own schematic?

i have the nano.

Thanks a bunch. ill try to reply asap, but gotta catch up on calc3 and linear algebra...