double horizontal bar graph?

Hi guys, i want to make a double horizontal bar graph, just like this but double, just bars no digits? Any ideas?

You can just use the code on that webpage. Get rid of the part that prints number and have another bar but modify the cursor setting to print on row 0 instead of row 1 (original at row 1 lcd.setCursor(0,1); )

I want to make two independent horizontal bar graphs, each one operated by potentiometer? Code of this page don't work :~ there is a couple of errors " lenght was not declared in this scope" "a was not declared" ?

It is easier for everyone if you post the code you are using, but when I looked at the code linked to above, I found this:

#define lenght 16.0


double a=lenght/100*percent;

(it doesn't matter if you can't spell, just as long as you can't spell consistently)