Doubt about WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK wifi detection # arduino yun rev 2


does anyone know if the arduino yun rev 2 is able to detect WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK wifi ??

I have two wifi at home (WPA2-PSK) and when I try to configure the wifi of the arduino yun only detect the wifi of my neighbours, which I suppose are only WPA or WPA2.

I´ve tried to change the configuration of my wifi to others authentication types like Shared Key + WEP due to doesn´t admit only WPA or WPA2 (without PSK), but never find it.

So, could you anyone help me about which wifi options are able to detect the yun?

Thanks a lot !!

The WiFi is 2.4 GhZ only. Ensure you are not trying to connect to a 5 GhZ network.

WPA2 PSK AUTH seems fine here but admittedly on an earlier YUN and a variety of other wireless boards.

Thanks a lot ballscrewbob, I´m happy hearing that you comment.

First of my wifi is 2.4 GhZ and the second one is 5 GhZ, so the first should be detected and I don´t know why then.

Any idea? - very debilited wifi signals of my neighbours (e.g. 27% power) are detected wihtout problem.

Checking the properties of my 2.4 GhZ signal it is "WPA2-Personal" - I thougth it was "WPA2-PSK", should it be admitted too?

Thanks again !

Wifi detected !!

I´ve changed the Channel of my 2.4 GhZ to 11 (it was 13 but I´ve read in other forums that sometimes give errors in some devices).

After detect my wifi and put the password into the Yun the blue led is continuos (not flicker), so I suppose the wifi is correctly detected and configured. Nevertheless, when the Yun is restarting and I connect again my computer to the wireless network (as it says) I cannot acces by using "arduino.local" (I´ve not changed the name) or "" - is it usual? any idea? perhaps the firewall?

Thanks !!

Check your routers DHCP list to see if the YUN is already in there.

If it is use that IP address to get to your YUN. Not unusual for the "LOCAL" to not always work and it is mentioned in quite a few questions.

Thanks for everything ballscrewbob.

I will check and I comment you for future people.

Best regards

It works by finding the IP ballscrewbob, fantastic!! - thanks

One more question please; I'm trying to obtain info from a device connected to the USB Type-A port (e.g. a mouse) but when I connect it, seems to do nothing (no led of the yun, no led of the mouse, etc.) - do you know where can I find info, necessary configuration of the yun (in case the USB A port needs to activate) or any sample by here?

Thanks in advance !!

Not 100% sure but think the USB port can be accessed via the Linux side.

Some hints from Google

thanks @ballscrewbob

I´ll open a new topic with this theme in case anyone knows about it, due to the actual title is concerning with the wifi detection.

Thanks for all.

Regards !!