Doubt Processing

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
I am preparing a draft Residential Automation, a dream since the first technical course, and this year I'm having the wonderful opportunity to initiate it.
My doubt is the following:

There are two modes gave to this project, by the way more expensive and the easiest and cheapest way is difficult.

The most expensive and it would be easy:
Using Arduinos UNOS 4:
1st Arduino - Dedicated Only to control the lighting RGB LED's, and sound sensor (beats).
2nd Arduino - Control of bulbs (dimmer), speed ceiling fan, heater, temperature sensors, magnetic (to see if the door or window is open), presence and brightness
3rd Arduino - Control Shutter (Lowers / Rises), Control of Plugs (10 of total), voltage and current sensor (Both TRUE RMS) - ie, + - every 5ms, checked as is the peak current and voltage peak and was calculating the power, or took, roughly 120 samples of both and took an average.
4th Arduino - RTC, XBee Communication with other cozy, LCD Display, Infrared Transmitter and Receiver (for connecting devices and registering new codes), Analog button (5 buttons with different functions for configuration), Easy VR for voice commands, RFID to have access to comodo.

Recalling that 4 have communication between them, but still do not know how, if Xbee (too expensive) or simply a RF. But the 4th Necessarily would have a Xbee to communicate with others comodos.

Cheapest method and difficult and doubts:

Simply use an Arduino Due to the execution and reading and an Arduino UNO to the configuration (via display / button or voice command), communicate with other cozy house via XBee and RFID control.

But my doubts are the following:
1st The DUE Arduino can easily process these operations:

RGB LED Control (loop) with Beats sound;
Control Dimmer / Speed ​​sensor reading and current (past each sinusoid in the zero point of the sinusoid, in other words, every 8ms);
Reading all the other sensors (every 10s or so, I still think);
Shutter Control via stepper motor (loop or even an interruption);
Control of the sockets;

2nd is possible to make a communication between Arduino Uno and DUE? I think of two methods, but I could be wrong. Via TX and RX (9600) or via the I ² C who no longer work for the issue of DUE work at a high frequency.